Get Hooked

My name is Lou Roberto and I was born June 26, 1976 and raised in the city of Philadelphia. I have been playing in the woods and fishing for as long as I can remember in the area surrounding my Grandparents house my whole life up until present day and will continue to do so as long as I shall live! My love for the outdoors and fishing come from my Grandfather and Father and Mother who kept us outdoors and in nature every chance we could get! I grew up in the city hood of Tacony and my Grandparents lived in what I thought was the country but was just about 15 miles away. I would visit on the weekends and run straight to the woods and crick. As I grew up my Grandfather would rent a house for a month up the Pocono mountains in Pennsylvania every summer and we all got to take turns as family and spend some time with each other up there. We hiked and rode mules for miles to fish for wild trout. I fished for bass in the lakes up there mostly. Growing up in the hood gave me a different outdoor experience! We didn’t have woods for say but we lived closed to the Delaware River in Philadelphia and I could ride my bike there where me and my friends fished for catfish and striper. There wasn’t much more to do there for me except fish and get in trouble and lucky for me I chose to fish!

I spent a lot of time in the graffiti world which is what brings me to where I am today. I been into art my whole life along with fishing and spent tons of time drawing animals and being in nature but also time in the streets with my graffiti crew. Yes I did some things that would make most pretty upset with the writing and painting on everything in site! Since the good ol days and staying outta trouble I have helped my family run our family pizzeria for twenty years and been into graphic design too and I am an Art Director as a career! I still loved to paint so I decided to start painting fishing lures as a hobby and took all of my skills as an artist and applied it to my other life long passion fishing. I started painting fishing lures about 4 years ago and from that I have come to meet sooo many new people and share my experiences. I love the outdoors, camping and traveling to new campgrounds. Being in the wilderness and on the water just makes me HAPPY!