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We are a family owned and operated team. We focus full time on planning out Fishing Expeditions for our veterans. We have full plans for helping Veterans get what they need: G.I bill, VA claims, absolutely anything and everything we can do, we will do. 
As a combat Veteran I too suffer from PTSD and fishing and being on the water has helped me more than anything else. I want to share that feeling with other veterans in need. Being on the water to me is a time where I'm not looking over my shoulder or worried about what's happening around me. The calm of the water and the distance between me and the land, there is truly nothing like it.
Our mission is to help our veterans heal through fishing and help them get on track with their benefits they are entitled to. Taking veterans on camping trips, fishing tournaments, fishing expos, and anything else we can provide to help our warriors! ******

Jacob Watkins

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